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After graduating from the Central School of Speech and Drama with a First with Honours in Theatre Practice (Production Lighting) in 2008, I spent a decade in the live events and theatre industry as a video engineer and design associate, working around the world on productions ranging from small fringe venues, musicals, and new theatre shows, to corporate product launches and charity galas, operas, and music concerts.I decided I wanted to leave the freelance life and move into full-time employment, and in 2019 I started work as a contractor at PwC, working in Operations. I became full-time in 2020, and spent three years upskilling myself and then working on data visualisation and analytics projects, becoming proficient in various data wrangling and visualisation tools. I've always been interested in stories and how they are told, right from when I started work in youth theatre in my teens, and that applies just as well to how data is analysed and visualised to help tell the story that the data holds.I am passionate about sharing what I know, and am comfortable working with a range of stakeholders, junior and senior, to speak confidently about what I'm working on.I believe in outcomes rather than outputs, and that any data visualisation must be able to answer the "so what?" question that stakeholders demand. There is no point in creating a nice pretty dashboard if it doesn't provide the answers to the important questions the business needs answering.I have also spoken openly about various diversity and inclusion topics within the workplace, and am an advodate for driving change within organisations to improve inclusion, awareness, and acceptance for disabled and neurodiverse people, and gender and sexual minorities.

I worked at in a corporate environment at PwC UK between 2019 to 2023, and before then was a self-employed freelance theatre and live events technician. This involved running my own business, and being responsible for the end-to-end production of complex video systems for large-scale events, from initial design meetings though supplier contract negations, to working on-site to realise the creative vision of the entire creative team.My roles within PwC included Operations, but I then upskilled myself on data analytics and visualisation, and that quickly pivoted to being my main role there. In that role, I undertook various projects - both within my local team and firmwide - to help senior leadership get a better understanding of our internal business processes and situation. Below are a number of my professional highlights.PwC UK
- Worked on a firmwide project to collect, analyse, and visualise data on the technologists within the firm. This provided insights into areas needing improvement, and parts of the business that were performing well, resulting in directed actions to improve our technology proficiency and make more effective use of our in-house tech knowledge and skills.
- Created and maintained a project to track our teams work hours, pegged to various KPIs and metrics, which allowed us to better target areas of the business to enhance our role in supporting the firms long-term growth.
- Created and updated my teams monthly reporting to allow more streamlined and efficient collection of data, and to present to senior leadership on the overall health of the team.
- Worked on the data analytics and data architecture of a key growth area within the business, responsible for significant investment for the firm. This platform was seen and used by the highest level of the organisation to better drive our overall firm's strategy with regards to technology investment and growth.
Freelance live events and theatre technician
Various production highlights through my decade in the industry include:
Grief is the Thing with Feathers, London and New York
Nixon in China, Royal Danish Opera, Copenhagen
The Cherry Orchard, Internationaal Theater Amsterdam, Amsterdam
Christina Aguilera Concert, North Sea Jazz Festival, Curacao
Beware of Pity, Schaub├╝hne, Berlin
Grief is the Thing with Feathers, Black Box Theatre, Galway
Wings, Young Vic Theatre, London
Rake's Progress, Aix en Provence, France
The Encounter, Australian, New Zealand, and American tour
The Snow Queen, Bristol Old Vic, Bristol
Simplicius Simplicissimus, Sadler's Wells Theatre, London
The Encounter, The Golden Theater, Broadway, New York, and European tour
Queen Anne, Royal Shakespeare Company, Stratford-upon-Avon
CBeebies Alice in Wonderland, Millennium Centre, Cardiff
The Encounter, Edinburgh festival, UK tour
CBeebies Peter Pan, The Lowry, Manchester
20th Century Boy, UK tour
TIGI World Release corporate event, London, Dallas, Texas
The Energy Show, Science Museum, London, UK tour
Viva Forever!, A Spice Girls Musical, Piccadilly Theatre, London

What I am looking for is a chance to flex my data visualisation and data storytelling skills within a challenging and fast-paced environment. I work best when given clear objectives and deadlines, with close-contact with colleagues and managers to ensure that the work I am producing will meet all end-goals for the project, including reaching out to relevant stakeholders to ensure that the work produced will provide the answers they need.I am comfortable working within tight timeframes, given clear directions, and will focus in on the task at hand. I am confident in bringing up issues or interesting discoveries to managers, and am more than happy to stretch myself and push outside of my comfort zone in order to add more value and impact to the work I produce.My preference is work from home, due to my disabilities, where I work best when it comes to focussed, intensive tasks that require additional concentration, in an environment that is less painful for me. However I also greatly appreciate face-to-face office time to connect with colleagues and find that this helps build more meaningful and productive relationships that ultimately produce better outcomes for everyone. Those kinds of personal connections are essential to building an effective, outcome-driven product that provides more value and impact, because you cannot simply look at the numbers alone to draw meaningful conclusions.I have previously worked within a corporate environment, but also within the world of theatre, which is obviously much more casual! For me, it's more about ensuring that I can build connections and relationships with those I work with, rather than the environment itself, so any company where I can work within a small team to collaborate and build each other up is ideal.My long-term goal is to build a name for myself as the go-to person for creating and demoing visualisations that help clients - internal or external - to guide them through their data in an intuitive, concise, clear, and inspirational manner which will lead to actionable insights to provide real, long-term, valuable improvements.